Wednesday February 7, 2018
10:56 PM GMT+8


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Tweaks to the game will help keep the game interesting for its millions-strong playerbase. — Reuters picTweaks to the game will help keep the game interesting for its millions-strong playerbase. — Reuters picNEW YORK, Feb 7 —One way in which Android and iOS hit Pokemon Go will keep players coming back is by having some of its in-game characters assign an assortment of player quests.

A rolling February 5 update for Pokemon Go looks like it contains the groundwork for implementing a quest system for its millions of players worldwide.

Until now, players have set about tracing and obtaining fictional Pokémon creatures from real-world locations as and when they find them.

The game uses a phone’s camera, display, and global positioning system to show players where these invisible Pokemon are.

Players see a map on their phone screen and, when in position, a visual of a Pokémon overlaid on top of a video feed taken from the phone’s camera.

There’s already more to “Pokémon Go” than a digital hide and seek, as players team up to establish in-game control of specific landmarks, but the Pokémon meta-narrative is about to get a little more sophisticated.

That’s according to the data miners at Silph Road, an online community destination for fans of the game, who have been going through the app’s latest update.

App developer and Google spin-off Niantic already said that the February 5 update contained improvements to the in-game News feature and a collection search that lets players look for rare shiny Pokémon, on top of regular bug fixes and performance updates.

But according to Silph Road sleuths, it also packs in facial animations for the game’s human non-player character as well as a quest system that will assign various tasks with the promise of mystery rewards given upon successful completion of these missions. — AFP-Relaxnews