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A new survey shows the most generous and stingiest holiday tippers. — AFP picA new survey shows the most generous and stingiest holiday tippers. — AFP picNEW YORK, June 26 — A new, international travel survey of tipping trends reveals that Americans are the best tippers and Italians the worst.

According to a TripAdvisor survey that polled 25,000 travellers in eight markets around the world, Americans emerged the most consistent tippers, with 60 per cent of respondents saying they “always” leave a gratuity for service when on vacay.

Landing at the bottom of the pile, meanwhile, are Italian globetrotters, with only 11 per cent of travellers saying they tip regularly for hotel staff, servers and drivers.

The results aren’t all that surprising, given the fact that the American service industry is based on a tipping culture.

The survey also revealed that servers and restaurant staff are most likely to receive a gratuity (97 per cent), followed by taxi drivers (81 per cent) and hotel porters (79 per cent).

Another recently survey also broke down tipping trends within the US and found that diners in the Northeast are the most generous tippers, leaving an average gratuity of 19 per cent. The stingiest tippers came from the US Midwest.

Here’s a look at respondents who said they “always” tip for service while on vacation:

Americans - 60 per cent
Germans - 49 per cent
Brazilians - 33 per cent
Spanish - 30 per cent
Russians - 28 per cent
British - 26 per cent
French - 15 per cent
Italians - 11per cent

Here are the services that are most likely to be tipped by US travellers:

Restaurant staff - 97 per cent
Taxi driver - 81 per cent
Bellman - 79 per cent
Tour operator - 73 per cent
Room service - 73 per cent
Bartender - 71 per cent
Housekeeping - 69 per cent
Spa staff - 54 per cent
Valet - 48 per cent
Cafe barista - 22 per cent

— AFP-Relaxnews


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