Sunday June 18, 2017
06:22 PM GMT+8


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Artwork for 2017’s ‘Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood’ expansion by Japanese illustrator Yoshitaka Amano. — Picture by Square Enix via AFPArtwork for 2017’s ‘Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood’ expansion by Japanese illustrator Yoshitaka Amano. — Picture by Square Enix via AFPSAN FRANCISCO, June 18 — Among games releasing the week of June 20, online role-playing epic Final Fantasy XIV rolls out its latest expansion, action specialist Housemarque collaborates with a genre great for Nex Machina, and a revered designer steers portable town management and adventure hybrid Ever Oasis; beyond that, The Golf Club 2 and Valkyria Revolution beckon.

Nex Machina

For PS4, WinPC

From June 20

Repel hordes of robot overlords and rescue captured humans; compare scores with players from your country and city as well as your friends list. The developers of Resogun and Super Stardust bring frantic, eyeball-searing action inspired by the legendary Robotron 2084, which celebrates its 35th anniversary in June, and whose designer consulted on Nex Machina itself.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

For Mac, PC and PS4

From June 20

A second significant expansion for 2013’s massively multiplayer online game Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, following 2015’s Heavensward, and one which provides new skill sets, more quests and areas to explore, tweaks to combat and a new swimming ability.

Ever Oasis

For Nintendo 3DS

From June 23 (June 19 in Japan)

Help an oasis settlement prosper by gathering resources during desert cave missions and team up with adventurers from nearby tribes. Directed by a designer well associated with the Series of Mana, Final Fantasy series and created by a studio that has now developed four handheld Legend of Zelda games for Nintendo.

The Golf Club 2

For PS4, XBO, WinPC

From June 27

This game and its predecessor may not have licensed courses but, then again, perhaps they don’t really need them. Instead, there’s a massive amount of user-created links from the playing community, a state-of-the-art course editor, multiplayer, and a career mode for those seeking progressive challenge.

Valkyria Revolution

For PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC

From June 27 (January in Japan)

Story, strategy, and action dovetail in a game about fictional, Old World countries involved in emerging political and military crises; players take a squad of soldiers on a journey to win independence for their tiny republic. — AFP-Relaxnews



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