Wednesday January 3, 2018
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John Mayer took to Instagram to start the #KyloRenChallenge.John Mayer took to Instagram to start the #KyloRenChallenge.LOS ANGELES, Jan 3 — Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been receiving positive response since its release, so it won’t surprise many that it has managed to inspire a new viral challenge.

Singer-songwriter John Mayer has the internet going crazy by starting out what he calls the #KyloRenChallenge, which basically riffs the scene in the movie where Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren surprises Daisy Ridley’s Rey (and everyone else!) by appearing shirtless and wearing what looks like high-waisted black pants.   

Mayer took to Instagram to share a snap of himself similarly dressed to replicate that memorable shirtless scene, captioning the picture simply with: #KyloRenChallenge.

Though Mayer doesn’t really explain how to participate in the challenge, the internet doesn’t need instruction to jump on the bandwagon with many taking to social media to share their version of the #KyloRenChallenge. Check out some of the entries so far:





#KyloRenChallenge @johnmayer #BenSwolo ✨💪

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I saw there was a #kylorenchallenge and I wanted to participate...

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