Wednesday January 3, 2018
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LOS ANGELES, Jan 3 — After a short break, the team at Screen Junkies are back with another Honest Trailer and this time they take on animated comedy The Boss Baby.

The voiceover guy starts the clip by describing the movie as: “Meet Boss Baby, his actual given name, who also happens to be a boss, a baby and a bossy baby version of Alec Baldwin’s bossiest roles.”

The voiceover guy also goes on to add: “But if you think that’s all there is to this kid’s flick, hold on to your powdered bums for a sharp left turn into madness where the companies who manufacture babies and puppies compete for the limited amount of love in the world.”

And the team also point out that in order for a game-game movie to succeed, you’ll need to: “Base it on a made-up game from a book, filled with characters you actually care about… and always cast Robin Williams”.

The team also warn us to “prepare for a film that will fill up the diaper that was once your brain, as you question whether anything on screen is real or not”.

The Screen Junkies team have once again done a brilliant job, so check out the clip for more hilarious comments about the film.   

Alec Baldwin voices the titular character in ‘The Boss Baby’. — Picture via YouTube/DWAnimationAlec Baldwin voices the titular character in ‘The Boss Baby’. — Picture via YouTube/DWAnimation


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