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The retired footballer was nominated by director Guy Ritchie. — Reuters picThe retired footballer was nominated by director Guy Ritchie. — Reuters picLONDON, Sept 22 — David Beckham proved he’s still fit in more ways than one yesterday, after he completed the 22 Push-up Challenge quicker than it took you to read this sentence.

The 22 Push-up Challenge is a viral campaign that requires participants to press out 22 push-ups to promote awareness for veteran suicide prevention along with honouring military service members and veterans.

The retired footballer, who was nominated by director Guy Ritchie, shared the evidence with his 29 million Instagram followers.

In the clip, Beckham can be seen lying belly down in the aisle of a plane before addressing the camera directly.

“Mr Ritchie. You’ve challenged me to doing 22 press-ups continuously in 22 days,” he said

“I accept your challenge not because you asked me.

“I accept it for the 22 serviceman that take their life from PTSD every single day.”

Beckham also added that he was willing to do whatever he could to help raise awareness about the situation that veterans face after leaving combat.  

“And by the way, that was at 44,000 feet Mr Ritchie,” he cheekily quipped before the end of the video.

Beckham also tagged his son Brooklyn and actor and screenwriter Justin Theroux, possibly suggesting that they take up the challenge too.



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