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Russia not meeting its commitments on Aleppo: Hollande

French President Francois Hollande called out Vladimir Putin on what he called the latter's failure to meet commitments on Syria. — Reuters picBRUSSELS, Dec 15 — French President Francois Hollande hit out today at Russia’s role in the ongoing siege of Aleppo, saying that Moscow had broken a promise to aid trapped civilians.

“Russia is making commitments that it is not keeping. There’s a moment where you have to answer with action,” Hollande told reporters as he arrived for an EU summit overshadowed by events in the besieged city where Syrian and Russian forces are forcing out rebels.

Hollande, citing both Russia and Iran,  warned that “if there lacks effort in the coming hours, the regimes that support (Syrian leader) Bashar al-Assad will take the responsibility for this extremely serious situation for the population.”

The French leader also hit back at criticism that he failed to fully engage with Russia, which has emerged as a crucial broker in the Syrian conflict through its unabashed support of Asssad.

“I speak all the time with Russia. Russia makes commitments that it does not meet so now it is time that we have this truce and urgent humanitarian aid if necessary,” he said. — AFP