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Lawyer claims new CCTV footage shows Dutch model being carried out of KL club before death

The new surveillance camera footage surfaced showing Ivana Smit (right) in a club in Malaysia just hours before her death. — Picture via Twitter/Sebas M. Diekstra‏KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 8 — New closed circuit television (CCTV) footage has allegedly surfaced showing Dutch model Ivana Smit being carried by an American man out of a club in Malaysia just hours before her death, according to a lawyer.

Dutch online newspaper, the NL Times reported that lawyer Sebas Diekstra, who is helping Smit’s family to find out the cause of her death on December 7 last year uploaded a screenshot of the alleged CCTV footage on his Twitter account.

“New surveillance camera footage surfaced showing Ivana Smit in a club in Malaysia just hours before her death. The footage shows American Alexander Johnson carrying the 18-year-old Dutch model out of the club,” said the report.

Smit’s naked body was found on December 7 at a condominium in Dang Wangi, where she was believed to have fallen from the 20th floor.

She was believed to have been partying at the home of American Alexander William Johnson, 44, and his Kazakh wife, Lunara Almazkyzy, 30. Both were charged with drug abuse on December 11 and released the following week on bail.

The report added that the CCTV footage was found by a private detective, and is likely to strengthen Smit’s family’s belief that her death was no accident.

Earlier this week, a private investigator hired by Smit’s family  to investigate her death said the case should be classified as murder and suggested a cover up by local authorities.

“I have no doubt. From the evidence that I have gathered this week and other information we have through forensics, we can clearly say… in the UK this would be treated as a murder investigations,” Mark Williams-Thomas said in the telephone interview broadcast on TVL.

Smit was cremated in her birth town of Roermond in the Netherlands on December 30.

Earlier, a pathologist who conducted Ivana’s second post-mortem had said he found bruises on her arms which he said were likely inflicted before her fall.

In his initial findings, Dr Frank van der Goot said the bruises on Ivana’s upper arms indicated that a struggle had likely taken place before she plunged to her death.

Her case was reopened by Dang Wangi police following claims of foul play by her family who were convinced of the autopsy.

The police have interviewed nearly 50 people, but the case is still considered sudden death.