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Sculptor builds the perfect ‘Jumanji’ board game replica (VIDEO)

NEW YORK, Aug 31 ― As much as we look forward to watching the Jumanji reboot ― due later this year ― if you’re a 90s kid, the 1995 version starring Robin Williams probably holds a special place in your heart.

Now, one fan has taken his love for Jumanji to a whole new level, by creating a ‘screen accurate’ replica of the board game from scratch! Step forward, Steve Richter.

The entire process took Richter seven months, with the above video showing a sped-up look at the sculptor’s painstaking effort in turning nondescript planks of wood into an exquisite work of art.

The finished piece is quite understandably not for sale, but you can check out the game pieces and cover cast used on his Etsy page.Richter's ‘screen accurate’ replica of the board game looks absolutely perfect.