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Get ready to bawl your eyes out — the John Lewis Christmas ad is here (VIDEO)

Moz the Monster is the creature every kid would love to find under his or her bed. — Screengrab from YouTubeLONDON, Nov 10 — Annual tearjerker, the John Lewis Christmas advert, is here.

The two-minute ad tells the story of Moz the Monster, who becomes unlikely friends with seven-year-old Joe after the youngster discovers him living under his bed.

Their journey is soundtracked to an Elbow cover of The Beatles’ Golden Slumbers from 1969 Abbey Road album.

The advert was directed by Michel Gondry who helmed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. He is also known for his collaborations with artists including Radiohead, Björk and Daftpunk.

But can it top 2012’s lovestruck snowman or 2015’s man on the moon? Watch it to decide for yourself