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Colours for the Year of the Dog

Lovely shades of blues and browns will work a treat this year if you are a Boar, Rabbit or Goat.KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 4 — One of the cheapest and quickest ways to freshen up your home is by giving the walls a new coat of paint.

As the late Billy Baldwin, an American interior decorating legend, used to say: when you want to transform a room into a different animal, change the colour.

The Lunar New Year is as good a time as any to consider giving your home a makeover. After all, feng shui haslong used colour effects to accomplish holistic benefits and harness the right energies to promote harmony and balance.

Based on Chinese astrology, earth is the key element for this year; it plays a vital role as the consolidating factor to bring about greater harmony and prosperity.

Paint brand Dulux and feng shui master from Good Feng Shui Holdings Sdn Bhd, Kenny Hoo, teamed up to provide an insight into this year’s prosperous colours.

Combining traditional teachings with scientific tools and technology, Hoo talks about the hues that go a long way, feng shui wise:

The warm and welcoming pinkish-brown echoes the natural tones of wood and reflects a balanced state with the combination of fire and earth elements. Decorating or painting the south-east, north-east, south-west or centre sectors of the house or office with the brand’s Heart Wood colours can boost the occupant’s luck and energy levels to attract love and relationship, improve career and wealth luck as well as invite more noble people (certain people who have the ability to turn around adverse situations for you) and supporters.

Those born in the Year of the Tiger, Horse or Dog might want to use more pinkish-brown coloured accessories, meanwhile. They could also repaint the south-west and north-east sectors to improve wealth and career luck. Pinkish-brown shades combined with red or purple in the living room or working space can also attract more noblemen for greater support.

For those born in the Year of the Monkey, Rat or Dragon, decorating or repainting the south sector of the house with greenish colours will enhance luck for studies. Painting the living room or office in gold and blue will also attract more noblemen to help bring greater luck and positive qi (energy flow).

This year is especially auspicious too for those whose zodiac symbols are the Snake, Rooster and Ox. Painting the centre of the house or dining hall areas with a combination of green, pinkish-brown, red, purple or pink can create better health and attract more positive qi.

Meanwhile, the Boars, Rabbits and Goats who are hoping for health, academic and career luck could try decorating or painting the centre of their houses or offices with purple or pinkish-brown. Alternatively, shades of blue could work in the north and north-west sectors.

Other colours to consider

Pinkish-brown colours echo the natural tones of wood and balances the fire and earth elements beautifullyWhile it is encouraged to use hues that represent the energies of wood namely browns and greens, it might be good to remember that colours that mirror the water element like blue and back are also just as important.

This is because globally there is a water deficiency this year and to make up for this shortage, believers might want to wear and use these shades.

Also, the colours of fire, symbolised by red, white and gold serve as an effective stabiliser. But when wearing them, one must offset the fiery effect with a touch of earth tones (yellow, ochre and brown).

To each his/her own

Green can also harness the engergies of wood so it is a good go-to colour this year. If the general colours don’t sit well with you, check out what the right hues are for your zodiac sign.

Rat: Yellow, emerald green, blue and white

Ox: Vermillion, red and apple green

Tiger: Light grey, ultramarine, cyan and white

Rabbit: Carmine red, yellow, turquoise and green

Dragon: Pink, gold and white

Snake: Green, cyan blue and brown

Horse: White, cyan and blue

Goat: White, black and Prussian blue

Monkey: Cyan, yellow and khaki green

Rooster: Cyan, black and pine green

Dog: Blue, apple green and red 

Pig: Green, white, yellow and black