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Bangkok’s Greyhound Cafe to open in Kuala Lumpur next month

Resistance is futile with their Chocolate Banana Crepe Cake with decadent chocolate sauce. ― Pictures courtesy of Greyhound Cafe Malaysia's Facebook pageKUALA LUMPUR, Jan 21 ― Good news for the fans of Bangkok's Greyhound Cafe.... Its first KL outlet will open at Bukit Bintang in February. The cafe is known for its trendy minimalist style and a menu of Asian fusion, Italian and Thai dishes.

It will be located at Ansa Kuala Lumpur, the revamped boutique hotel managed by Berjaya Hotels & Resorts (BHR). As reported in The Star, BHR is repositioning the previously known Piccolo Hotel as a lifestyle hub along Jalan Bukit Bintang.

The hotel also houses Starbucks Ansa which opened last September ― the coffee chain's 200th outlet in Malaysia.

Greyhound famous fried chicken wings is marinated in fish sauce that makes it so delectable and finger-licking good. Teasers on Greyhound Cafe Malaysia's Facebook and Instagram feed have also whetted fans' appetite for their upcoming debut here. This includes the legendary Greyhound famous fried chicken wings marinated in fish sauce.

Hype has it the chicken wings are so addictive that even if they are accidentally dropped at the beach, one would just brush off the sand and continue eating them!

Another mainstay is the “complicated noodle” ― a D-I-Y appetiser that requires assembling fresh lettuce leaves and rice noodle squares with a mincemeat filling drizzled with chilli sauce and topped with coriander sprigs.

Desserts like this banana choc parfait with brownie, bananas, oreo crumbs and whipped cream will tempt you. For a light eater, go for their salmon carpaccio paired with a special Thai spicy sauce. The menu also includes a vegetarian section like the fresh lasagna salad. It is a refreshing dish with layers of crispy romaine leaves, olives, tomato, pasta and Parmesan cheese drizzled with a thick tomato dressing.

Dessert lovers can look forward to their delectable parfaits ― Thai inspired sticky rice and mango served with coconut sherbet or the decadent banana chocolate. Cakes like the chocolate banana crepe cake with chocolate sauce or sea salt caramel chocolate cake will be sure to tempt you.

Known by many as Thailand's first fashion cafe, Greyhound Cafe started in 1997 at Emporium Shopping Complex as an extension of the Greyhound fashion label. To date, they have expanded to nine outlets all over Bangkok. Offshoots like Another Hound Cafe and Sweet Hound, a dessert cafe have also been opened in Bangkok. Greyhound Cafe also has branches in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai.

In July 2014, public listed Sub Sri Thai purchased the Greyhound empire through their subsidiary Mudman which is also the master franchise holder for Au Bon Pain bakery cafe, Baskin Robbins and Dunkin' Donuts in Thailand.

One of the vegetarian dishes that diners can expect from Greyhound Cafe is the Fresh Lasagna Salad with its mix of vegetables and pasta.The opening of this KL outlet signifies Greyhound Cafe's first foray into Malaysia. A post on Greyhound Malaysia's Instagram feed indicates this is their first outlet and hints that more branches are in the works.

Greyhound Cafe, Lot No.0.2, Ground Floor, Ansa Kuala Lumpur, 101 Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL. For more information: