Saturday October 21, 2017
02:56 PM GMT+8


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PUTRAJAYA, Oct 21 — The Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM)  raided a leading supermarket in Jalan Kebun, Klang, Selangor on Thursday and detained 113 foreign nationals found working without having valid documents.

Those detained during an operation code named ‘OPS Mahir’ carried out following complaints and intelligence carried out on the supermarket, which was suspected to have recruited foreign workers without valid permits, comprised 40 Nepalese men, 39 Bangladeshi men, 27 Pakistani men, two Indian nationals (males), three men and two women who were Vietnamese nationals.

JIM Director-General Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali said investigations revealed that the foreign nationals were supplied to the employers concerned by companies supplying foreign workers but a check revealed that they were not companies licensed by the Home Ministry (KDN) to supply foreign workers.

On examination, not less than three companies or agents supplying foreign workers were involved based on the copies of the agreements or contracts signed by the employers.

“The employers only referred to the supply contract between the companies without checking whether the companies concerned were outsourcing companies given approvals by the Home Ministry or otherwise,” he said.

According to the confessions of the workers detained, all their passports were not with them because they were being kept by the companies or agents who supplied or managed them, he said.

“In fact, some of the foreign nationals did not have any self-identification document,” he said.

They were all detained temporarily at the Bukit Jalil Immigration Depot, Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory for investigation purposes. — Bernama



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