Wednesday November 30, 2016
11:12 AM GMT+8


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Jay Leno’s Garage — Advanced Vehicle Care. — Business Wire handout pic via AFP-RelaxnewsJay Leno’s Garage — Advanced Vehicle Care. — Business Wire handout pic via AFP-RelaxnewsNEW YORK, Nov 30 — Comedian, erstwhile talk-show host and life-long car obsessive Jay Leno is putting his name to a range of products for cleaning and detailing.

Developed in partnership with AP51, the cleaning and detailing line has taken eight years to perfect. Branded “Jay Leno’s Garage” after the comedian’s immense car and motorcycle storage facility and the web series and subsequent TV show the garage has spawned, the range will initially launch as a seven-piece kit. However, it will eventually grow into a larger range of individual products and items including individual waxes, soaps, and dressings.

Leno and AP51 are quick to point out that the tie-in isn’t a gimmick and that every product is about delivering best-in-class results while remaining easy to use.

“We’ve poured our blood, sweat and tears into formulating products that meet Jay’s standards. It was a tough bar to reach. Most car-guys would only dream of showing their beloved baby at a show like Pebble Beach’s Concours d’Elegance, [where professional detailing is a necessity] but Jay has upwards of five cars in his collection that have not only shown, but won at that event,” said Jeremy Porrazzo of AP51. — AFP-Relaxnews



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