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24/02/2018 Apple moves to store iCloud keys in China, raising human rights fears
24/02/2018 AI and 5G in focus at top mobile fair
24/02/2018 Google Assistant adds more languages in global push
23/02/2018 Snap royalty Kylie Jenner helps erase US$1.3b in one tweet (VIDEO)
22/02/2018 Wait, I know you: Home security startup taps face-recognition tech
22/02/2018 Five hotly anticipated smartphones at MWC
22/02/2018 Snapchat promises update after users balk at redesign
22/02/2018 South Korean chat app becomes new outlet for #MeToo movement
22/02/2018 Uber targets commuters with the launch of Express Pool (VIDEO)
22/02/2018 Twitter crackdown on automated ‘bot’ accounts
21/02/2018 What does the future of messaging look like? SMS 2.0 could be closer than we think
21/02/2018 Last week’s Apple bug is now fixed with the latest rollout of new updates
20/02/2018 North Korea cyber threat ‘more aggressive than China’, says US firm
20/02/2018 Play ‘fake news tycoon’ to combat misinformation
20/02/2018 This week in video game history: ‘Star Fox’ turns 25
20/02/2018 Samsung releases Iceland-inspired Over the Horizon’ ringtone for the Galaxy S9 (VIDEO)
19/02/2018 Olympic Channel boss says ready to explore eSports after Pyeongchang
19/02/2018 Palm readers? Japan team builds second skin message display
19/02/2018 Video game releases for this week: ‘Metal Gear Survive,’ ‘Pac-Man CE 2 Plus,’ ‘Them’s Fightin’ Herds’ (VIDEO)
18/02/2018 UK church spires used to boost phone, wi-fi signal
18/02/2018 Myanmar farmers going against the grain with apps
18/02/2018 Facebook plans to use US mail to verify IDs of election ad buyers
17/02/2018 Facebook faces big challenge to prevent future US election meddling
17/02/2018 Google takes away the ‘view image’ option
16/02/2018 ‘Migrant TripAdvisor’ app helps new arrivals navigate Italy and escape abuse
16/02/2018 Apple fixing bug that crashes iPhones
16/02/2018 Top iPhone apps: ‘Bitmoji,’ ‘PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield’
16/02/2018 Microsoft’s new ‘Photos Companion’ app for iOS and Android has potential for use in schools
15/02/2018 EU tells Facebook, Google and Twitter to ‘do more’ for users
15/02/2018 Apple Music’s student discount now available for Malaysians
15/02/2018 Apple’s HomePod speaker costs US$216 to build, TechInsights says
15/02/2018 Redmi Note 5 Pro: The worthy upgrade for Redmi Note 4 users
14/02/2018 Acer wins ‘iF Design Awards 2018’ for design excellence
14/02/2018 Mi mi mi: Super fans of China’s Xiaomi stoke IPO ambitions
14/02/2018 Jack Dorsey says there’s value in Twitter remaining independent
14/02/2018 NY top court says ‘private’ Facebook photos can be disclosed
14/02/2018 ZTE launches foldable double screen smartphone in Spain
14/02/2018 The enhanced LG V3O will feature AI for photography enthusiasts and shoppers
14/02/2018 Will Google Maps updates include sharing battery stats and arrival times?
13/02/2018 Telegram app was targeted by crypto mining malware, Kaspersky Lab says
13/02/2018 Google takes on Snapchat with its own ‘Stories’ format
13/02/2018 Mobile cellular penetration reaches 131.8pc in 3q 2017
13/02/2018 Sexy ‘graft’ clip may lead Russia to hit YouTube, Instagram
13/02/2018 Apple HomePod trails competitors on AI assistant performance in new test
13/02/2018 Google’s next Android overhaul is said to embrace iPhone ‘notch’
13/02/2018 Uber tests cheaper ‘Hurry Hurry’ service for errands in Nairobi
13/02/2018 5G is here: Super speed makes global debut at Olympic Games
13/02/2018 Snapchat redesign sparks backlash among some users
13/02/2018 For advertisers, Snapchat’s got the kids
13/02/2018 ‘Olympic Destroyer’ malware targeted Pyeongchang Games, firms say

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