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16/01/2018 Google says ‘no changes’ to mapping platform in China after report
16/01/2018 Tencent cracks down on ‘PUBG’ cheats
16/01/2018 Big announcements for ‘Detective Pikachu’, ‘Pokemon Go’ (VIDEO)
16/01/2018 Canadian man charged over leak of three billion hacked accounts
16/01/2018 Denmark to charge 1,000 youths with spreading sex videos via Facebook
16/01/2018 Black Box VR: Luring gamers into the gym
16/01/2018 Segway Loomo: Personal robot meets hoverboard
16/01/2018 Le smartphone? France has another term in mind
15/01/2018 Alibaba’s AI outgunned humans in key Stanford reading test
15/01/2018 Toymaker Lego teams up with Chinese internet giant Tencent
15/01/2018 China’s WeChat plans to resurrect tipping button after agreement with Apple
15/01/2018 Samsung to launch its foldable smartphone in 2019 and this is what it might look like
14/01/2018 This week in video game history: ‘Sim City 4,’ ‘Final Fantasy All The Bravest’
14/01/2018 Intel’s response to chip meltdown deepens rift with Microsoft (VIDEO)
14/01/2018 Iran removes block on Telegram
14/01/2018 SpaceX Dragon splashes into Pacific in safe return (VIDEO)
14/01/2018 Top takeaways from Consumers Electronics Show
13/01/2018 Get a mini you from German startup Doob (VIDEO)
13/01/2018 Wired charges could become a thing of the past (VIDEO)
13/01/2018 Facebook reassures partners it’ll help them adjust to new policy (VIDEO)
13/01/2018 Google removes gaming apps with pop-up porn malware
13/01/2018 With headbands, sensor socks, wearable tech seeks medical inroads
13/01/2018 Analysts: Facebook move will play out in long-term
13/01/2018 Man’s best friend goes high tech at gadget fest
13/01/2018 ‘Dishonored,’ ‘Futurama,’ ‘Horizon Zero Dawn,’ ‘Madden 18’ nominated by Writers Guild
13/01/2018 Bigger screens, boosted performance: Standout TVs from CES 2018
12/01/2018 Apple warns China users against dodging new data law
12/01/2018 Gadgets for kids still big at tech show despite concerns
12/01/2018 Finnish firm detects new Intel security flaw
12/01/2018 Dropbox is said to file confidentially for initial offering
12/01/2018 Facebook closes music deal with YouTube’s biggest critic
12/01/2018 Google plans to vet YouTube premium videos, sources claim
12/01/2018 How chip flaws Spectre, Meltdown work and what’s next
12/01/2018 Google says its security patches not slowing down systems
12/01/2018 Intel says patches can cause reboot problems in old chips
12/01/2018 Pentagon mum on fate of secret satellite
12/01/2018 Facebook updates News Feed to make friends a priority
11/01/2018 SanDisk presents world’s smallest 1TB USB-C flash drive
11/01/2018 EU unveils supercomputer plan to rival China
11/01/2018 Smartphones at CES 2018: Sony’s selfies and Vivo’s world first
11/01/2018 How a Taipei school for the visually impaired is helping make Microsoft Windows even more accessible
11/01/2018 Old dog, new tricks: Sony unleashes ‘intelligent’ robot pet
11/01/2018 New ‘emotional’ robots aim to read human feelings
11/01/2018 Sony is planning a whole range of robots after its Aibo dog
11/01/2018 Chinese workers abandon Silicon Valley for riches back home
11/01/2018 Google makes little noise buying UK sound tech startup Redux
11/01/2018 ‘Star Wars’ dazzle stripped from Pentagon memo on the cloud
11/01/2018 Breakout hit ‘PUBG’ builds out loot crate system, publishes win percentages
11/01/2018 Brief power outage darkens CES tech, electronics show in Las Vegas
11/01/2018 Forget the self-driving car, meet the self-driving suitcase (VIDEO)

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