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31/01/2018 Nintendo raises outlook as Switch demonstrates it’s here to stay
31/01/2018 Popular Line messaging app starts crypto trading spinoff
31/01/2018 Google yanks gay dating app from Indonesia online store
31/01/2018 Virtual beau captures Chinese hearts as female gaming blooms
31/01/2018 Scientists at Singapore’s NTU invent customisable, fabric-like ‘battery’
31/01/2018 ‘PixArk’ embraces ‘Minecraft’ aesthetic (VIDEO)
31/01/2018 Google to create a cloud app marketplace, chasing Amazon
31/01/2018 Apple is said to push back some key iPhone software features
31/01/2018 US said to probe Apple on updates that slow older iPhones
31/01/2018 Over four in 10 of world’s population use social media, study shows
31/01/2018 Facebook to ban cryptocurrency-related ads
30/01/2018 Google bets US$1.1b more brains can help take on Apple
30/01/2018 ‘Walking Dead’ mobile game maker knocked back by falling sales
30/01/2018 Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ pre-orders start on March 2, report claims
30/01/2018 Microsoft issues update to disable Intel’s buggy Spectre patch
30/01/2018 opens its own rainforest in Seattle (VIDEO)
30/01/2018 Elon Musk sells US$5m in flamethrowers to fund tunnels (VIDEO)
30/01/2018 ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ wins with players and press (VIDEO)
30/01/2018 Pentagon probes fitness-app use after map shows sensitive sites
30/01/2018 You can now watch ‘live’ football on iflix
30/01/2018 Facebook to deliver more local news to US users
29/01/2018 Nokia introduces high-capacity 5G chipsets
29/01/2018 Just how fast is CONNECTme’s satellite broadband service when it rains?
29/01/2018 Facebook makes privacy push ahead of strict EU law (VIDEO)
29/01/2018 This new scanning feature might be Samsung’s answer to iPhone X’s Face ID (VIDEO)
29/01/2018 Exercise tracking app reveals details of military sites (VIDEO)
29/01/2018 Your most legit look at Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ yet
29/01/2018 Yoodo claims to be Malaysia’s first fully customisable mobile plan (VIDEO)
28/01/2018 China’s Weibo social media site suspends portals after reprimand
28/01/2018 US to make streaming services pay more for music
28/01/2018 Celebrating ‘Panzer Dragoon Saga’ and ‘Rez HD’ (VIDEO)
28/01/2018 Five apps to download now for a healthier 2018
27/01/2018 BuzzFeed in deal to distribute content in China
27/01/2018 Data doom: Five steps from Davos to digital dystopia
26/01/2018 JD enlists Tencent as it preps to take on Amazon in the US
26/01/2018 Oppo aims for Japanese smartphone market after splash in China
26/01/2018 Capcom’s ‘Monster Hunter World’ debuts to strong gaming reviews (VIDEO)
26/01/2018 Soros to Google and Facebook: Your days are numbered
26/01/2018 Facebook tells Congress: Kaspersky cut from anti-virus choices for users
26/01/2018 Twitter developing Snapchat-style tool for video sharing
26/01/2018 These clever apps will help you break many of your worst habits
26/01/2018 ‘Job-killing’ robots, AI under scrutiny in Davos
26/01/2018 Nintendo’s ‘Miitomo’ to close in May
25/01/2018 Tencent-backed super-app emerges to rival its own WeChat (VIDEO)
25/01/2018 iPhone software update spotlights Apple secrecy on battery health (VIDEO)
25/01/2018 Xiaomi usurps Samsung to become top smartphone seller in India
25/01/2018 Samsung Galaxy S9 Unpacked event is happening on Feb 25
25/01/2018 Unifi Mobile: Five things you need to know
25/01/2018 Latest Alphabet ‘moonshot’ aims to thwart cyberattacks

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