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31/05/2017 Who needs a flying car when you can have the Kitty Hawk Flyer? (VIDEO)
31/05/2017 Four instant cameras for snap ‘n’ share summer fun
31/05/2017 Android software creator unveils ‘Essential’ phone
30/05/2017 Nvidia pushes mobile gaming to the max
30/05/2017 Chess-playing robot star of Taiwan tech fair
30/05/2017 Nokia to recapture Malaysian market with new Android smartphones
30/05/2017 India’s ethical hackers rewarded abroad, ignored at home
29/05/2017 Android creator will reveal first ‘Essential’ smartphone May 30
29/05/2017 Europe’s first eTree puts down roots in central France
29/05/2017 Lenovo’s struggling mobile business sets sight on high-end market
29/05/2017 Take a moment for mindfulness with the latest meditation wearables
28/05/2017 Apple said to plan dedicated chip to power AI on devices
28/05/2017 Upcoming video games: ‘Star Trek’ VR, ‘Tokyo 42,’ ‘Tekken 7,’ ‘Dirt 4,’ ‘Wipeout Collection’
28/05/2017 Google linking online and offline worlds in new ad challenge
27/05/2017 Eager shoppers throng newly-opened Apple Orchard Road
27/05/2017 Singapore’s road safety campaign takes a VR twist
27/05/2017 Chipotle says hackers stole payment card info in data breach
27/05/2017 Britain’s real-life ‘Iron Man’ has high hopes for jet suit (VIDEO)
26/05/2017 Global chat platform Kik to launch digital currency
26/05/2017 Thailand to require biometric checks for pre-paid SIM cards in troubled south
26/05/2017 What you should know about Apple Orchard Road ahead of its May 27 opening
26/05/2017 Chinese fans trash blackout as Google AI wins again
25/05/2017 Google’s AlphaGo clinches series win over Chinese Go master (VIDEO)
25/05/2017 Newly discovered vulnerability raises fears of another WannaCry
25/05/2017 Jury out on North Korea link to ransomware attack
25/05/2017 Xbox adds Netflix-style video game subscriptions
25/05/2017 Facebook aims for broad views in ‘trending topics’ tweak
24/05/2017 Samsung investigating Galaxy S8 ‘iris hack’
24/05/2017 You won’t believe how easy it is to fool Samsung Galaxy S8’s ‘eye security’
24/05/2017 Wearable tech latest must-have for China’s proud pet owners
24/05/2017 Minister: Singapore schools can pave the way for use of VR as learning tools
23/05/2017 Nokia, Apple bury hatchet in patent dispute
23/05/2017 Samsung to reveal stretchable display
23/05/2017 Google AI programme beats top-ranked human in Go — again
23/05/2017 North Korea-linked hackers ‘highly likely’ behind WannaCry, says Symantec
23/05/2017 From legally blind to clear vision — thanks to eSight (VIDEO)
23/05/2017 Google cosies up to China with AI secrets and a game of Go
23/05/2017 Take-Two pushes ‘Red Dead’ launch to next year
23/05/2017 Russian cyber criminals stealing from bank clients nabbed (VIDEO)
22/05/2017 Report: Facebook leaked documents show types of content it allows
22/05/2017 Free carpooling app for Singapore mosque-goers in time for Ramadan
21/05/2017 Watch out in a world of connected objects, cyber specialists warn
21/05/2017 Ready, Set, Go! Rematch of man vs machine in ancient game
21/05/2017 Upcoming video games: ‘Rime,’ ‘Get Even,’ ‘Disgaea 5,’ ‘Vanquish’
21/05/2017 ‘Father of the Internet’ Vint Cerf says we should reach for the stars
20/05/2017 Rare Apple-I fetches less than expected at German auction
20/05/2017 Gameplay video teases more ‘Destiny 2’ (VIDEO)
20/05/2017 Examining Silicon Valley’s relationship with Trump (VIDEO)
19/05/2017 Watch the moment Mark Zuckerberg found out he got into Harvard (VIDEO)

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