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30/11/2017 Windows 10 active on 600 million devices
30/11/2017 Backlash grows on ‘Star Wars’ video game ‘loot boxes’
30/11/2017 The leadership icon behind Malaysia’s tech commercialisation platform
30/11/2017 Walking the dog? Motion monitor to aid actors playing pooches (VIDEO)
30/11/2017 Ex-Twitter worker claims responsibility for Trump’s account shutdown
30/11/2017 Snapchat redesign keeps it personal
30/11/2017 Smartphone market seeing steady growth, as bigger screens rule
30/11/2017 Apple to audit development processes after Mac bug discovered
30/11/2017 Amazon adopts open cloud technology as competition heats up
30/11/2017 Facebook to eliminate transaction fees on donations on its platform
30/11/2017 Facebook suspends ability to target ads by excluding racial groups
29/11/2017 Uber says 2016 data breach hit 2.7 million UK users, or most of its base
29/11/2017 Toyota showcases humanoid robot that mirrors user (VIDEO)
29/11/2017 Hackers could get even nastier in 2018, researchers predict
29/11/2017 Microsoft plans multibillion-dollar campus overhaul in Redmond
29/11/2017 YouTube sharpens how it recommends videos despite fears of isolating users
29/11/2017 Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is gorgeous, but niche
29/11/2017 Black Friday, Cyber Monday dominate online chatter in Malaysia, says social media monitor
29/11/2017 Huawei believes they can do a better job than iPhone X’s Face ID
29/11/2017 Twitter slapped as FCC chief takes a swipe at Silicon Valley
29/11/2017 Apple Mac software has login flaw that puts data at risk
29/11/2017 Facebook says 99pc of IS, al-Qaeda content spotted by AI
29/11/2017 Powerfully boring ‘Desert Bus’ gets VR remake
28/11/2017 Scientists invent glass bricks that generate energy while letting in light (VIDEO)
28/11/2017 Artificial muscles give ‘superpower’ to robots
28/11/2017 Google wants to know if you’re interested in a YouTube phone
28/11/2017 Five wireless speakers for a musical holiday 2017
28/11/2017 Samsung launches SeeColors TV app for the colour blind
28/11/2017 Tumblr founder leaving Yahoo-owned blogging platform
28/11/2017 Facebook to expand artificial intelligence to help prevent suicide
27/11/2017 Samsung develops battery technology that charges five times faster
26/11/2017 Holiday 2017: Wireless noise-cancelling headphones for the music lover in your life
26/11/2017 Two high-end drones go head to head this holiday
25/11/2017 New speedier Firefox has a fresh security feature in the pipeline
25/11/2017 US cop wins tweeting award for creative posts
24/11/2017 Here’s what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S9
24/11/2017 Musk beats deadline for building world’s biggest battery
24/11/2017 The techy toys that kids will love this Christmas
24/11/2017 Does the iPhone X deserve to be this year’s object of desire?
24/11/2017 Toyota’s Kirobo Mini companion robot goes on sale
24/11/2017 Google collects Android user location data even if location services are off (VIDEO)
23/11/2017 South Korea’s Coding Heroes bring creativity back into the classroom
23/11/2017 Dining goes digital for Thailand’s street food vendors
23/11/2017 ‘The Sims’ heads to Threadless for first merchandise line
23/11/2017 Samsung could be ready to unveil its ‘foldable’ smartphone
23/11/2017 Facebook to let users see if they ‘liked’ Russian accounts (VIDEO)
23/11/2017 Energy-saving LEDs boost light pollution worldwide
22/11/2017 Regulators to press Uber after it admits covering up data breach (VIDEO)
22/11/2017 Russia to act against Google if Sputnik, RT get lower search rankings

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