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30/11/2017 ‘Spiderman’ nearly squashed at birth, says creator Lee
30/11/2017 Amazon launches ‘single-sitting’ imprint with Joyce Carol Oates story
29/11/2017 Patrick deWitt’s ‘French Exit’ set for UK release next year
29/11/2017 Upcoming book explores how Versailles influenced and inspired the fashion world
28/11/2017 Gift-giving ideas: Art and design books for kids
26/11/2017 Looking for a gift? Here are this year’s hottest novels
25/11/2017 Photographer captures human face of endangered species
25/11/2017 Vogue releases hardcover book on food
25/11/2017 Nobel literature academy ensnarled in #MeToo sex scandal wave
23/11/2017 ‘Little Miss Inventor’ joins the ‘Little Miss’ books lineup
22/11/2017 Michael Redhill awarded Giller Prize for ‘Bellevue Square’
21/11/2017 ‘The Story of a Brief Marriage’ wins DSC Prize
19/11/2017 New books by and about musicians: Ideas for holiday gift-giving
18/11/2017 Tintin and Snowy drawing sells for €500,000
18/11/2017 Cantona the artist ponders sex, life and death in new book
17/11/2017 New York Public Library’s famed Fifth Avenue building set for renovation (VIDEO)
17/11/2017 Novel on legacy of Algerian war wins France’s richest prize
17/11/2017 Anne Frank Foundation buys her family home in Amsterdam
16/11/2017 ‘Sing, Unburied, Sing’ takes fiction prize at US’ National Book Awards
16/11/2017 China’s futuristic library: More fiction than books
16/11/2017 Crime writer Jo Nesbo faces up evil in new Nordic chiller
16/11/2017 Slam poet from Sudan’s Darfur puts human face on refugee numbers
14/11/2017 10 finance books worth reading this winter
14/11/2017 Fashion designer exposes domestic servitude in India’s ‘sunshine state’
14/11/2017 Poems in Dottyville: How two traumatised soldiers changed notions of war
14/11/2017 In U-turn, publisher says it decided to postpone ‘Oxley Castle’ launch
13/11/2017 Liz Smith, ‘Grande Dame of Dish’ gossip columnist, dies at 94
12/11/2017 Celebrate World Philosophy Day with a book to make you think
11/11/2017 Camus letters show secret passion for love of his life
10/11/2017 Book details alleged sexual abuse in the Vatican
08/11/2017 Move over Mickey: In Germany, Donald Duck reigns
07/11/2017 Israel-Russia deal gives ancient books new life online
07/11/2017 S.African publishers of Zuma book vow to fight gag efforts
06/11/2017 Novel on Hitler’s rise wins France’s top book award
04/11/2017 South African state agency wants Zuma book pulled from stores
03/11/2017 Crime writer Ian Rankin predicts rise of ‘kind and gentle’ books
03/11/2017 ‘Loyalty’: Comey’s new book title a dig at Trump
03/11/2017 Saudi Arabia pulls ‘indecent’ novel from bookstores
02/11/2017 Facing backlash, ‘Rolling Stone’ writer posts second apology for ‘hurtful’ book
02/11/2017 Five new book releases your in-laws will love
01/11/2017 Exceptional collection of Tintin drawings to go on auction (VIDEO)

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