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18/02/2018 Hael Husaini’s ‘Jampi’ and the question of Malay anxiety
18/02/2018 May the new year… bring rest!
17/02/2018 Asensio’s time to shine
17/02/2018 Oscars 2018: A look at three smaller contenders
16/02/2018 Some surprisingly good low budget horrors
16/02/2018 Women, stand up for yourselves
15/02/2018 The Chinese political jigsaw
14/02/2018 When everything’s fake news except when you agree
13/02/2018 How Asia won rights to host three Olympics in a row ― Conor Sen
13/02/2018 In illiberal societies, a wider #MeToo movement ― John Lloyd
12/02/2018 Malaysia’s unspoken caste systems
12/02/2018 Tahniah SJAA atas penganjuran Johannian BBQ Homecoming Party yang baik!
11/02/2018 Is Kuala Lumpur having a moment?
11/02/2018 Pok Ya Cong Codei gives us a peek into the Kelantanese psyche
10/02/2018 A look at three of this season’s Oscar contenders
10/02/2018 European football season enters final push
09/02/2018 What I want from my GE14 candidates
09/02/2018 Teachers and their impact on children
08/02/2018 Fake news is relentless
07/02/2018 Creativity is a Malaysian strength…and a weakness
06/02/2018 Save your panic, this equity slump isn’t the end of days — Shuli Ren
06/02/2018 Getting our priorities right
05/02/2018 Extend-and-pretend model can’t work forever — Satyajit Das
05/02/2018 Johannian BBQ Homecoming Party dapat sambutan amat memberangsangkan
05/02/2018 How ‘political’ should the Church be?
04/02/2018 Let Indira’s ruling light the way
04/02/2018 Singapore: Island of winners?
03/02/2018 Mourinho stuck between two worlds
03/02/2018 Three more new genre films to start your 2018 with
02/02/2018 #UndiRosak: I hear you but don’t get you
02/02/2018 How to get better GE14 candidates

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