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31/01/2018 Divorce shouldn’t make victims of children
30/01/2018 #UndiRosak: When you want ‘filet mignon’ but all that’s on offer is ‘nasi lemak telanjang’
30/01/2018 So near, but so VAR
29/01/2018 #MyŽižek: We always care about what others think, even when we don’t
29/01/2018 Cegah penyebaran berita palsu: Ia harus bermula dari diri kita
28/01/2018 So who determines what is real or fake news?
28/01/2018 Rocket Man still standing
28/01/2018 Is Nur Sajat a ‘threat’ to fragile masculinity?
27/01/2018 Three new genre films to start 2018 with
27/01/2018 Super-bot Federer v2 marching on
26/01/2018 What about democracy within a party?
26/01/2018 Will this be Christopher Nolan’s year?
25/01/2018 #undirosak matters
24/01/2018 Racism isn’t patriotism
24/01/2018 The Sakai and Jakun are people, not insults
23/01/2018 Bitcoin is a means of payment, just not yet for you — Elaine Ou
23/01/2018 Who does the Whistleblower Protection Act truly protect?
23/01/2018 Classic double-act Belichick and Brady do it again
22/01/2018 So what happens when you don’t vote
21/01/2018 Resurgence of racial rhetorics and revisionism
21/01/2018 Don’t blame it on the wi-fi
21/01/2018 Singapore and Malaysia: Same, same but different
20/01/2018 ‘The Commuter’ ― big, dumb and smart
20/01/2018 Give Alexis Sanchez a break
19/01/2018 Whither Malaysia’s #MeToo movement?
19/01/2018 How ‘The Killing’ totally killed it
18/01/2018 Sorry, no one wants your used clothes anymore — Adam Minter
18/01/2018 Where will Pakatan leaders contest this GE14?
17/01/2018 Why the US should support Iran protesters ― Roya Hakakian
17/01/2018 Women can’t say no because many don’t know how to
16/01/2018 Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Suarez and the mysteries of form
16/01/2018 Giving back during a gap year
16/01/2018 Audacious silence to a seditious assertion
15/01/2018 Quick to attack and condemn: Why we do it
15/01/2018 Pembaharuan dan perubahan menuntut komitmen semua
14/01/2018 Will Pakatan’s fearmongering push voters away?
14/01/2018 City of the future: Tokyo vs Singapore
14/01/2018 Stranded on a free ski holiday
13/01/2018 Sean Baker and ‘The Florida Project’
13/01/2018 The wedemption of Woy
12/01/2018 Should we play it long or short?
12/01/2018 The politics of hope
12/01/2018 Are we getting a new ‘Saw’ series?
11/01/2018 Calories can’t tell the time
11/01/2018 The Pakatan Convention aftermath
10/01/2018 How one man built a thriving running community
10/01/2018 Nothing ‘inspiring’ about senior citizens forced to work
09/01/2018 A look at various kinds of corruption: Part 2

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