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31/05/2017 Chemicals found in everyday products may be affecting thyroid function in girls
31/05/2017 Beer-loving Czechs stub out cigarettes as pubs go smoke-free
31/05/2017 Da Vinci contraptions brought to life in Bruges exhibition
31/05/2017 Trump cryptic tweet ‘covfefe’ trending on Twitter
31/05/2017 Space junk could destroy satellites, hurt economies
31/05/2017 In Uganda, volcanic rock stoves cook food — and protect forests
31/05/2017 Fidget spinner-inspired techno, anyone? (VIDEO)
31/05/2017 Nasa’s ‘touch the sun’ mission for Solar Probe Plus (VIDEO)
31/05/2017 Pippa Middleton and husband honeymoon in Sydney
31/05/2017 Faceless fish among weird deep sea Australian finds
31/05/2017 Beijing’s rickshaws teeter between tradition, survival
31/05/2017 Philippine male Instagram star transforms into Wonder Woman (VIDEO)
31/05/2017 Earth is a jewel, says astronaut after six months away
31/05/2017 China panda stars make public debut in the Netherlands
31/05/2017 Rodin’s ‘Andromede’ sells for US$4.1m at Paris auction
31/05/2017 New study reveals the lasting damage caused by obesity in childhood
31/05/2017 Who’s your mummy? Genetic secrets of ancient Egypt unwrapped
31/05/2017 Attacked for body parts, Tanzanian albino children get new limbs in US
31/05/2017 Transparent ladybird shell to learn its fast wing-folding action (VIDEO)
31/05/2017 Scientists work on micro-algae solution to world hunger (VIDEO)
31/05/2017 It’s ‘The Little Red Mermaid’ after vandalism by anti-whaling activists (VIDEO)
30/05/2017 Enter the dragon boats to the beat of the drums at annual Taiwan races (VIDEO)
30/05/2017 Tobacco kills seven million a year, wreaks environmental havoc, says WHO
30/05/2017 Trying to revive fading Japanese tradition with ‘naked school’ classes (VIDEO)
30/05/2017 Fear, confusion as Philippine Muslim city burns
30/05/2017 Generation homeless: Trying to help Egypt’s street kids
30/05/2017 Family honour, more than money, fuels child marriage in West Africa
30/05/2017 Jovian Mandagie and Daphne Iking to host ‘Say Yes to the Dress Asia’
30/05/2017 Prince William: It’s taken me 20 years to come to terms with my mum’s death
30/05/2017 Beni Hug’s 50-hour tour of highest French and Swiss mountains (VIDEO)
30/05/2017 Hari Raya bazaar ‘a celebration of Singapore’s diversity’
30/05/2017 Quietly supplying fun to Singapore’s kids for 17 years
30/05/2017 New study finds a cup of joe reduces liver cancer risk
29/05/2017 Urban ‘heat islands’ seen doubling city costs for climate change
29/05/2017 Alien yoga: The latest fitness trend to sweep Instagram (VIDEO)
29/05/2017 Indonesia’s hijab-wearing teen metal group challenges stereotypes (VIDEO)
29/05/2017 After Everest record, Indian woman sets sights on unclimbed peaks
29/05/2017 JFK at 100: A legacy etched in minds of Americans
29/05/2017 Six red carpet looks that turned heads at Cannes
29/05/2017 In China, maggots finish plates and food waste
29/05/2017 Masjid Jamek LRT — an arts hub in vibrant Kuala Lumpur
29/05/2017 In drought-stricken Mali, women manoeuvre for land — and a future
29/05/2017 Living on fumes: China’s war on pollution means little to a chemical park’s neighbours
29/05/2017 Game, set and match: Five new tennis shoes for 2017
29/05/2017 Great Barrier Reef bleaching worse than first thought
29/05/2017 The Habitat: Enjoy (and learn about) what nature has to offer
29/05/2017 Afghan takes on waves, and cliches, at surfing fest
29/05/2017 Cuban scenes, mathematical visions and gender play in the spotlight at PHotoEspana
29/05/2017 Miami art museum The Bass announced reopening date in October

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