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23/05/2017 The red-carpet fashion highlights from Day 6 at Cannes
23/05/2017 Preterm babies have a higher risk of heart failure later in childhood
23/05/2017 Baby bump: China eatery in Japan soars on pregnant panda hopes
23/05/2017 King Tut’s bed, chariot to be moved to new Cairo museum
23/05/2017 Gardening as art goes on show at famous UK festival
23/05/2017 Left home alone, five-year-old boy turns RM30,000 into very expensive confetti
23/05/2017 The hottest hair highlights from Cannes
23/05/2017 Here’s how air pollution could be disrupting your sleep
23/05/2017 More physical activity, less TV time linked with lower body fat in kids
23/05/2017 Lacoste picks Novak Djokovic as new brand ambassador
23/05/2017 Pippa Middleton’s wedding dress makes bridal fashion history (VIDEO)
23/05/2017 Study reveals why good looks could mean bad news for scientists
23/05/2017 Humans split from apes in Europe, not Africa, study claims
23/05/2017 Cannes: The latest style quirks to come from cinema’s kookiest red carpet
23/05/2017 Wayne Thiebaud’s career-wide works to go on view in London
23/05/2017 Junk sale diamond ring bought for £10 worth a fortune
23/05/2017 The moment a sea lion pulls a girl into the water (VIDEO)
23/05/2017 Lancome shines with metallics for ‘Summer Swing’ makeup collection
23/05/2017 Moderate drinking may not protect against heart disease after all, says new analysis
23/05/2017 Are we born smart? New genes shed light on biology of intelligence
23/05/2017 Fastest known ascend to Everest by Spanish climber (VIDEO)
23/05/2017 Light cigarettes linked to specific form of lung cancer, study finds
23/05/2017 Social media moment: Did Melania flick Donald’s hand away? (VIDEO)
22/05/2017 Here’s a bunch of cute animal videos to cheer you up (VIDEO)
22/05/2017 Check out Urban Decay’s latest releases for summer 2017
22/05/2017 One person every second displaced by conflict, disaster in 2016, says report
22/05/2017 Cairo lantern-maker champions old craft against Chinese imports
22/05/2017 Women in India ‘uproot’ marijuana problem (VIDEO)
22/05/2017 Time to ditch the polar bears? Climate change looks for a new image
22/05/2017 ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ takes its final bow after 146 years
22/05/2017 Little women stand tall at Dubai fashion show
22/05/2017 A part of Parisian history is up for auction
22/05/2017 Study: Eating at least three servings of fruit and vegetable per day could protect our arteries
22/05/2017 Art community remains divided over Caravaggio painting found in French attic
22/05/2017 Mr Malaysia: Bodybuilders flex muscles despite Muslim modesty
21/05/2017 Feline good: Cats counter stress at Tokyo firm (VIDEO)
21/05/2017 Myanmar stunt bikers dazzle on Yangon’s streets
21/05/2017 Robot rockers lead Lithuania’s Street Music Day
21/05/2017 Action figures: More than just child’s play
21/05/2017 Meditation and yoga key to becoming a better mum, says Nadya Hutagalung (VIDEO)
20/05/2017 What Melania Wore: First lady’s Saudi style a big deal
20/05/2017 Paris museum celebrates 70 years of Dior
20/05/2017 Royal sister-in-law Pippa takes spotlight in star-studded British wedding (VIDEO)
20/05/2017 Jeff Koons produces new works with French porcelain maker Bernardaud
20/05/2017 Science on why cannibalism is a bad idea (VIDEO)
20/05/2017 New Ikea collection pays homage to Swedish design collective 10-gruppen
20/05/2017 Getting enough omega-3, omega-6 could help slow brain ageing
20/05/2017 Pucci pop-up bikini bars hit the Med
20/05/2017 American war photographer Stanley Greene dies aged 68
20/05/2017 Italy makes childhood vaccinations compulsory


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